We got our baby husky pup 2 months ago but due to a major change in our living situation we are unable to keep her. We need a find a good home for her where she will be loved and taken care of. She is about to lose her baby teeth so her favorite things to chew on seem to be chew sticks, socks, and stuffed animals. One her adult teeth come in at about 6 months she won't have the need to chew so much. She is is also a quieter dog,
she loves tobserve her environment and usually howls to express herself. She enjoys being outside in the winter so a fenced in backyard for her is best. I also have a kennel included with her. She usually goes in it attempt 9pm and gets let out at 9am so she's very used to it. She has a few other items as well that I will give with her including a storage dish. Please reply if you feel that you can give her a loving home she is a n extremely intelligent puppy and is going to make a great dog!
She comes with her first set of shots and deworming :)