Breed: Himalayan

Age: Senior

Sex: F

Size: S
My name is Rosebud and I am a sweet old girl just hoping for a lap to curl up on! I was surrendered by my owners and meant to be put to sleep but rescued by Persian Dreams! I have a few age-related problems, my eyesight is not quite what it used to be, so I can sometimes get startled. A home with no other pets and no children would be best for me. I like to do anything you are doing and I will follow you around the house. If you catch my eye I will give you my squinty cutesy face and wait for a pet. I don't ask for much, just a place to sleep and a scratch under my chin! I have a lot of fur but surprisingly don't shed much at all! Also surprising for my age...I love catnip. Just a little sprinkle now and then keeps me quite happy. If you would like a quiet and faithful companion please call to meet me soon!
Love, Rosebud

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