Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: Senior

Sex: M

Size: L
Hi. My name is Magnum and i am an older gent who needs a long term foster home (all expenses paid) or a very compassionate forever home. You see, life started out quite grand for me as it often does for many puppies. I had owners who thought enough of me to have me neutered and micro-chipped. They even provided a nice home out in the country where I had lots of room to run and play and stretch my legs. Then, one day they noticed I was getting on in years and I had developed a lump that hung down from my abdomen like an apple dangling off a branch. It did not slow me down at all and I continued to play. I wondered why they would not take me to the vet so I could get rid of that thing but instead myself and my friend (Riggs) were dropped off by the neighbour to be put to sleep. I guessed it was the end of the line but I had no idea what I had done wrong and I still felt so full of energy. Then, just hours before my buddy and I were to be sent to the rainbow bridge, I was whisked away by a nice lady (along with my friend). After that we ended up in a boarding kennel for a while and I got my tumour removed and my friend got neutered. Sadly, my tumour was biopsied and found to be cancerous. Happily, the vet said the surgery went well and he got it all. Now my future is uncertain. Persian Dreams will look after my finances if someone out there is willing to open their hearts and their homes to a very plucky old guy that still has time and love to give. If you are not prepared to adopt me please consider fostering me. I only want to keep on playing ball.

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Contact: Persian Dreams Canine Themes | Medicine Hat, AB